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Stadler sells seven new trains in Sweden


Stadler attended a signing ceremony to mark the sale of seven of their new trains in Sweden.

The event was held in Stockholm, with executives from Stadler; AB Transitio, which is buying the trains; and Tåg i Bergslagen, the network on which the new trains will be operating .

The trains will be double-decker DOSTO vehicles, which are designed to cut emissions – using technology such as regenerative braking to store energy from the journey – and to withstand harsh, wintry climates. Stadler has already seen success with these models, having sold 53 of them in the country previously.

DOSTO trains are already in service with Mälardalstrafik in Sweden.

Designed to maximise passenger comfort, Stadler says its aim is to make these trains spacious, stylish and modern – with large entry ways, staircases and storage space. Passengers have individual reading lamps, two power sockets per chair and benefit from pressure management for travelling through tunnels. There are also built-in sliding steps to help wheelchair users and others access the train.

The trains are built for temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees and 80 centimetres of snow on the track. They can do this thanks to inter-carriage connections with twin bellows, large snow ploughs, made specifically for this train, as well as efficient floor- and wall-heating systems and specially adapted insulation. Trains are fitted with carpeting made from absorbent material, which dries quickly, thanks to the underfloor heating system.

The underframes of the trains have been designed to reduce freezing and the accumulation of snow and ice. The pantograph has been developed to cope with winter conditions.

Stadler says it has received positive feedback from passengers using the trains.

Ansgar Brockmeyer, Stadler.

Ansgar Brockmeyer, head of sales at Stadler, said: “We are delighted to have signed a contract for a further seven double-decker DOSTO trains for Sweden.

“Featuring high levels of passenger comfort, a focus on green technology and designed for harsh winters, they are tailormade for this country, and we are pleased that overall, passengers like the product.”

The first order for double-decker DOSTO trains for Sweden was in 2016 for 33 vehicles. It was followed by others in 2018 and 2020.

Magnus von Bahr, AB Transitio.

Magnus von Bahr, chief executive officer of AB Transitio, said: “We are happy to expand our fleet with another seven DOSTO trains to support Tåg i Bergslagen.

“These trains have proven to be robust, reliable and very appreciated by the passengers.”

Maja Rapp, CEO of Tåg i Bergslagen, said: “We are happy that it is finally ready with new, modern vehicles for Tåg i Bergslagen. For our travellers, this means higher comfort and a better travel experience.

Maja Rapp, Tåg i Bergslagen.

“After trying the trains, I can state that they run smoothly and nicely even on older tracks where our other vehicles run significantly worse.

“The fact that the DOSTO trains are also built for Swedish conditions and can withstand both minus degrees and snow on the tracks without problems feels reassuring.

“That Tåg i Bergslagen will have the same vehicles that Mälardalstrafik already uses and is satisfied with feels good. It simplifies both for our passengers who will know their way around, and for Tåg i Bergslagen and Mälardalstrafik who get an increased opportunity for coordination with similar vehicles.”

Stadler has now sold more than 420 DOSTO trains in 11 countries, including Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Luxembourg.


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