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HS2 ‘Meet the Contractor’ event includes 1,100 one-to-one meetings with main contractors


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and the lockdown imposed over the UK, HS2’s third annual ‘Meet the Contractor’ event, which takes place between 23 and 26 November, will be held entirely online.

At the event, potential suppliers will have the opportunity to learn about the HS2 project and how to get involved. A total of 1,100 one-to-one meetings, each lasting 15 minutes, will be available for potential suppliers, during which they will be able to discuss upcoming contract opportunities with the companies awarding them.

With construction of Phase One of Britain’s new high-speed railway between the West Midlands and London already underway, billions of pounds worth of contracts will be available as HS2’s main contractors build over 50 viaducts, 110 embankments, 150 bridges and 32 miles of tunnels; billions of pounds worth of contracts.

When construction of the new line reaches its peak, HS2 will support over 30,000 jobs, with many thousands more throughout the supply chain.

To design and build HS2, a huge range of works, goods and services from businesses of all sizes are required.  At a result, contracts will be let covering many different disciplines, from water and drainage systems to habitat creation and site catering, as well as traditional construction and engineering contracts.

In total, it is estimated that there will be over 400,000 contract opportunities throughout the HS2 supply chain, including many thousands of opportunities to deliver goods, works and services to contractors on-site.

The four-day ‘Meet the Contractor’ event will begin with three days of webinar sessions, including updates on the HS2 programme, presentations by HS2 contractors and webinars showcasing great work taking place across the project.

The final day will offer potential contractors the opportunity to find out how to get involved via more than 1,000 15-minute 1-to-1 meetings with HS2’s four Main Works Civil Contractors and the two Stations Construction Partners. 

Mark Thurston, HS2.

Mark Thurston, HS2’s chief executive officer, said: “This year’s ‘Meet the Contractor’ event at HS2 will be the biggest ever and we would like to see businesses from across the UK register for the opportunity to talk with our contractors.

“Experience from previous years shows that this helps put them in the best position to be a part of building Britain’s new high-speed railway. HS2 will be one of the cornerstones of the country’s economic recovery as we work through the challenges of Covid-19, creating and sustaining long term jobs across all sectors.”

Event registration for companies interested in a one-to-one meeting with HS2’s suppliers is open until 23:50 on Wednesday 4 November.

There will be opportunities throughout the four-day event for companies to hear from HS2 and its contractors. Download the event brochure here and register at https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/MTC2020/


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