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TSSA: national rail strike could happen in 2022


The rail networks could face major disruption after the TSSA said it was possible there would be a national strike this year.

Manuel Cortes, TSSA.

The union said this might happen if job cuts went ahead, and it called for an extension of an agreement for no compulsory redundancies.

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said: “Rail workers deserve job certainty, and we will fight to protect that, including balloting for action where necessary. Our union has been crystal clear that any threat to use compulsory redundancies will be met with industrial action ballots. We wrote to rail bosses in November 2021 seeking assurances that the industry-wide no compulsory redundancy policy would continue to remain in place throughout 2022. Sadly, a new year has arrived, and we are still waiting for the bosses to meet our union’s job security ask.”

The TSSA said it was concerned the number of people leaving the industry voluntarily would not be enough to meet any budget changes the UK Government want to put into place.

“Make no mistake, trains will be coming to a halt if any of our members is pushed out of our rail industry against their will,” Cortes said.

He added the union would be pushing for wage increases to match the rising costs of living. It was also stressed that any industrial action would be coordinated with other unions related to rail.


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