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Season’s greetings from the team at Rail Insider


Christmas is a time for coming together; it is a time for sharing and importantly showing we care. It is a time when people show they are grateful for the people that make their lives better. Sometimes that’s through a gift, other times a card and – more common than ever these days – it can even be a kindly-worded message sent through our mobile devices.

I suspect there will be more gestures this year than there have been before. Last year we were locked down, and, frankly, I think many of us had concerns we had forgotten how to socialise.

But this year we’re back. I know we still have to be careful, but experts tell us this is no longer the time to let these things take over our lives. Not anymore. And, did you notice something had changed when lockdown lifted? Because I did. There’s a common bond we now all share. We’ll never have to hope the person we’re talking to supports the same team, or likes the same films. There’s a natural and real camaraderie. We don’t have to talk about it like the weather; it’s just there: a strong common bond.

If 2021 was about anything, it was about appreciating these stronger friendships, deeper working relationships and the greater support we have and continue to give each other.

Being part of the Business Daily Group, we were delighted to see our own family grow following the news that Rail Business Daily has acquired Rail Alliance. Overnight, more than 800 new organisations became part of the Rail Business Daily family.

I had to take a moment when I first heard the news internally, because 800 is just an incredible number – and a stark reminder of how BIG rail is.

It drove something important home for me. You don’t get into the business of rail unless you want to be part of something bigger. No individual is more significant than the railway they work on or the work their teams produce together. Not one of us is a bigger deal than the combined millions who use the network – both freight and passengers (our professional reason for being). It doesn’t matter how successful you are, you’re part of a whole in this industry. The only way to go from strength to strength is together.

It’s the same for us at Business Daily Group – the advisory, the marketing, the media, the community, the recruitment building aspects alike. We all want to help, to play our part, in sharing and creating opportunities for organisations – no matter how big or small – across the industry. Your success really is our business.

So, season’s greetings and, if you celebrate it – or are simply enjoying a couple of days off –  please have a wonderful Christmas. For those of you who are working over the festive period…thank you and please be safe.

And to all of you who have supported us this last year, a big thank you.

I look forward to us all continuing to play our part in rail, together, in 2022.

Rail Insider


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