Home Business Bedford ‘Bra Bank’ hoping to make money for charity

Bedford ‘Bra Bank’ hoping to make money for charity

Bedford ‘Bra Bank’ hoping to make money for charity
Bedford station's Bra Bank will support small businesses in Africa as well as benefit the charity Against Breast Cancer.

Bedford station is playing its part in raising money for breast cancer research – and is asking for people to donate their old bras to help out.

The station’s ‘Bra Bank’ will be open across three weeks – for every tonne of bras that are collected, £700 will be donated to Against Breast Cancer, a charity which funds research in the fight against the disease.

The money will go towards new treatments, tools for earlier diagnosis and advice to reduce the risk of recurrence and secondary spread.

The items collected from Bedford’s new ‘Bra Bank’ will also support small businesses in Africa, part of a textile recovery project. This prevents bras going into landfill and gives them a new lease of life in developing countries such as Togo, Ghana and Kenya, where bras remain too expensive to produce locally.

Thameslink station assistant Susan Hall is bringing the initiative to Bedford station.

The initiative is being brought to the station by Thameslink employee Susan Hall. She started to research bra recycling schemes after discovering charity shops and clothes banks wouldn’t accept the item.

That’s when she came across Against Breast Cancer.

Susan Hall, Thameslink.

Susan, a station assistant, said: “The statistics on how many cancers reoccur is very scary. That’s why the work of this charity is so important because they focus on increasing the survival rate of all breast cancer patients. Like many others, I’ve had various family members affected by cancer but thankfully the disease hasn’t returned, and they are still in remission.

“I feel scared every time my parents go back to oncology for check-ups, and I dread to think what it’s like to hear the news that it’s come back, and you have to start the battle all over again. Against Breast Cancer researches the secondary causes of breast cancer, in the hope that women only have to fight the disease once.”

The ‘Bra Bank’ comes to Bedford station every Monday and Thursday for three weeks, beginning on 16 August until 2 September.


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