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RailAdventure moves into the UK

RailAdventure moves into the UK
RailAdventure's first two Class 43 HST power cars in their new livery at Eastleigh.

RailAdventure GmbH, the Munich-based company that manages special transport and test runs with new trains in Europe, has acquired the British company Hanson & Hall Rail Services and has purchased eight Class 43 power cars, which, when formed into double locomotives, will be the future backbone of the company’s British domestic services.

In recent years, RailAdventure has been involved in the delivery of new vehicle fleets from manufacturers based in Europe to Great Britain. Now, with most of the well-known vehicle suppliers having recently started to operate production plants in Great Britain, there is significant local demand.

Alex Dworaczek, RailAdventure.

Since its foundation three years ago, Hanson & Hall has been integral to the support services for the railway industry and UK operators. As part of its expansion plans for the UK market, Hanson & Hall was therefore the preferred partner for RailAdventure.

Alex Dworaczek, managing director of RailAdventure GmbH, said: “We always want to accompany the development of our customers and are now proud to be able to offer the highest quality and most flexible solutions from our own source for the British domestic market. In addition, the local proximity to the production sites is important to us.”

Jason Hall, Hanson & Hall.

Jason Hall, managing director of Hanson & Hall, added: “This is a really exciting time for us as we increase the scale our service offerings. Through the combined experience of Rail Adventure and our company, the UK rail industry and its suppliers are about to receive a much-needed step change in service levels, and I am thrilled we have such fantastic partners backing us during the next stages of our growth.”

Up until now, Hanson & Hall has operated with two locomotives, a Class 31 and a Class 50, which will also bear RailAdventure’s colours in the future. To expand the local vehicle fleet, RailAdventure has purchased eight former HST power cars – Class 43 locomotives – from a UK leasing company.

Six of the power cars will be used to form three double-locomotives, while the other two will serve as spare parts donors. Based in London, where they will have direct access to most of the major English routes, the Class 43s will be equipped with ‘translator’ technology, which allows them to control the electro-pneumatic brakes of towed multiple units. In addition, Habfis coupling-adapter cars will be transferred to the UK.

The first two power cars, numbers 43480 and 43484, have already been repainted and are now available for operations, which could also include being used as traction vehicles for the testing of new vehicles in Central Europe.


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