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SVR’s Hagley Hall rebuild progresses as boiler work is completed

SVR’s Hagley Hall rebuild progresses as boiler work is completed
Hagley Hall's boiler returning to the Severn Valley Railway.

The former Great Western steam locomotive Hagley Hall, which hasn’t steamed since October 1986 and is owned by the Severn Valley Railway (SVR), will shortly be reunited with its boiler after 18 months of work by Northern Steam Engineering, the company that previously built a brand-new tender tank for the 90-year-old locomotive at its premises in Stockton.

Substantial work has been carried out on the boiler, including new side sheets, throat plate and doorplate sections on the firebox, the insertion of a patch in the boiler barrel and a complete retube. Prior to the boiler’s return to the SVR, a steam test was carried out, where the safety valves lifted for the first time in 34 years.

Martin White, SVR.

Martin White, the SVR’s head of engineering, said: “The return of Hagley Hall’s boiler is the conclusion of 32 months of collaboration between the SVR and Northern Steam Engineering (NSE). An excellent working relationship has been developed between our two organisations and, although the work has been carried out at NSE premises, there are many components in the boiler which were produced by SVR personnel at Bridgnorth and shipped to NSE at Stockton.

“In the overall Hagley Hall project, delivery of the boiler is just one task that is now ticked off, albeit a fairly large and substantial one.”

Danny Dymott,
Northern Steam Engineering.

Danny Dymott of Northern Steam Engineering commented: “This has been a major overhaul, with the inner firebox being removed from the boiler and stripped to component parts. It’s included a 75%-new outer firebox, a new front tubeplate, produced by ourselves at Northern Steam Engineering using traditional methods, and fitting of all-new fire box stays produced at Bridgnorth by the Severn Valley Railway’s engineering team.

“The Covid-19 pandemic caused slight delays to the project, but we are very pleased to announce that the boiler is now complete, bringing to an end a successful project that has been delivered on target and to budget. We look forward to seeing the progress at Bridgnorth with the locomotive’s overhaul, and its return to traffic as soon as possible.”

Manoeuvring the boiler insid the workshop.

The boiler is now in its new temporary home at Bridgnorth, on a wagon that will allow volunteers access as the restoration continues.

Once the flagship locomotive of the Severn Valley Railway, Hagley Hall was built in 1929 by the Great Western Railway and clocked 1,295,236 miles in its 34 years of service. Withdrawn in 1963, it was rescued from Dai Woodham’s yard in Barry by the SVR Holdings Company in June 1972.

Lifting a 25-tonne boiler needs some special care.

Restored to running condition in 1978, Hagley Hall soon became one of the stars of the Severn Valley Railway, hauling the reopening train for Kidderminster Town Station in 1984. Hagley Hall also represented the Railway further afield in mainline appearances, such as the 1985 GWR150 celebrations. In a memorable run, it stormed over the South Devon banks in a double-headed run with 7819 Hinton Manor, having stepped in at the last minute to deputise for the failure of King class locomotive, ‘King George V’.

Hagley Hall in service on the Severn Valley Railway in the 1980s.

Withdrawn from SVR service in 1986, the locomotive was initially in storage, followed by a period as a museum exhibit until October 2013 when the long-awaited overhaul and restoration process began.

4930 has now been under Severn Valley ownership for longer than it ran on Great Western Metals and, when Hagley Hall finally steams again, it will be the culmination of the efforts of many, in particular the Friends of Locomotive 4930 Hagley Hall, who have raised well in excess of £100,000 since their formation.

The return of Hagley Hall to steam service will be the crowning moment of decades of tireless fundraising and work by the group.


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