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Altran tops the tables for the second year

Altran tops the tables for the second year
Altran topped the engineering services table in the Everest Group annual survey for the second year in succession.

Global engineering and R&D consultancy Altran has maintained its position as world leader in its field, according to a new analysis of the top 50 providers.

US-based consulting and research firm Everest Group released its second annual ranking of the world’s largest third-party providers of engineering services (ES). The ranking is based on revenues and year-on-year growth.

Altran topped that list for its 2019 results that combined revenue of $3.60 billion and year-on-year growth of 10.3 per cent. It was also one of only 13 firms on the list that serve a broad range of industries, with offerings in at least eight of the verticals, including aerospace & defence, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial & energy, healthcare & medical devices, semiconductors, software products and telecoms.

Altran was acquired by Capgemini in April 2020 to create a world leader in ‘Intelligent Industry’.

Everest Group studies the world’s major providers of strategic IT, business services, engineering services and sourcing. It defines the ES market as “all activities (across software, embedded, mechanical, and process engineering functions) that support the design, development, testing, and management of products, both hardware and software”.

The global third-party ES industry grew by about 13 per cent last year, “driven by enterprises’ need for support in the form of scale, skills, technologies and Intellectual Property (IP). With enterprises looking at service providers for high-end engineering activities and from a more strategic perspective, we expect service providers to assume an increasingly significantly role,” according to the report.

Dominique Cerutti, Altran.

Dominique Cerutti, chief executive officer of Altran, commented: “We are delighted by this recognition from Everest Group. As both a design and engineering partner, we are proud to deliver deep industry know-how, speed, agility and cutting-edge innovation to our clients.

“This recognition reflects the unmatched scale and scope of Altran across industry verticals, enabling us to support our clients in improving their time to market, creating competitive advantage and improving the efficiency of their engineering and R&D.”

Altran was acquired by Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, IT services and digital transformation, in April 2020. The acquisition created a world leader in ‘Intelligent Industry’ – the digital transformation for industrial and tech companies.


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