Home Business Beijing selects Bombardier people carriers to upgrade airport

Beijing selects Bombardier people carriers to upgrade airport

Beijing selects Bombardier people carriers to upgrade airport
Bombardier people carriers are destined for Beijing Capital International Airport.

Bombardier people-movers for two of Bombardier Transportation’s Chinese joint ventures have won a contract to provide rolling stock, services and signalling for Beijing Capital International Airport’s (BCIA) automated people mover (APM) system.

The contract, awarded to CRRC Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems (PBTS) and Bombardier NUG Signalling Solutions (BNS), is valued at approximately 215 million CNY (£23 million). Bombardier Transportation owns 50 per cent of the shares in both PBTS and BNS.

Jianwei Zhang,
Bombardier Transportation China.

Jianwei Zhang, president of Bombardier Transportation China, commented: “We provided a 2-kilometre INNOVIA APM system to Beijing Capital International Airport that entered service just in time for the start of the 2008 Olympic Summer games and the success of this new upgrade project is just as essential to Beijing Airport.

“We are proud to make a contribution to improving passenger mobility within one of the world’s busiest airports. Currently operating in over 30 airports / cities worldwide, we are confident that, in the future, our APM systems will continue to safely and efficiently move millions of passengers in many more airports and cites across the globe.”

The new contract calls for an upgrade to BCIA’s existing 18 Bombardier Innovia APM 100 cars and provide an additional nine APM 300 cars, including Mitrac Train Control and Management System (TCMS) and propulsion equipment provided by the Bombardier NUG Propulsion System (BNP) joint venture in China.

Between them, PBTS and BNS will also upgrade the signalling system and other wayside equipment from Bombardier Cityflo 550 To Cityflo 650.

Bombardier’s APM system has already been selected by several other Chinese airports. Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Chengdu airports have chosen innovia APM for their airport mobility systems while the cities of Guangzhou Zhujiangxincheng and Shanghai Pujiang have chosen it for their urban transport lines.


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